Vanguard Strikes - Weekly Milestone

Vanguard Strikes - Weekly Milestone

Weekly Vanguard Strikes are mid-end game activities where a fireteam three players undertake high-priority, extended missions for the Vanguard. They feature challenging modifiers that change every day!


What do you get?

  • One piece of Powerful Gear - which can drop up to max power/light 
  • The chance at getting high level exotics.
  • Chance of exotic catalyst drops!
  • Vanguard Rep

    This service is for an Account Recovery - where one of our e-Sport Professionals will play on your account for you in a fireteam with two other highly skilled players in order to complete the Weekly Strike Milestone on one of your characters!


    Fast, efficient and stress-free!



    Please leave a note with your login and contact information so that we may arrange a suitable time for the service to take place.