Scourge of the Past

Scourge of the Past

Destiny 2 Raids are an end-game activity gated off by high level requirements, where a group of players take on a challenging gauntlet of puzzles and bosses for exclusive items - and the Scourge of the Past raid is no different!


Taking place in the Last City on Earth, the Scourge of the Past raid has teams reclaiming sections of the city from the grip of the Fallen and defeating Insurrection Prime. This raid arrived alongside the Season of the Forge. 


What can you get?

  • Exclusive Raid gear - which can drop up to max power/light 
  • Exclusive Raid Emblem
  • Exclusive Raid Shaders
  • Chance to gain the Raid specific Exotic - Anarchy!
  • The chance at getting high level exotics.
  • Bragging rights with your friends!

    This service is for an Account Recovery - where one of our e-Sport Professionals will play on your account for you in a fireteam with five other highly skilled players in order to complete the Scourge of the Past Raid on one of your characters!


    Fast, efficient and stress-free!


    • You must also be at least 640 Power on the character(s) that you would like the activity to be completed on for a full completion. The closer to 650+ the better.
    • There are flexible pricing options for individual encounters in the Raid - especially for lower-level players with characters capable of completing the first few stages.


    Please leave a note with your login and contact information so that we may arrange a suitable time for the service to take place.

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