Revoker Quest
  • Revoker Quest

    Revoker is the new Crucible Pinnacle weapon of Season 7 or the Season of Opulence in Destiny 2. A Sniper Rifle that goes into your Kinetic or Primary slot, Bungie is calling it an Aggressive Sniper Rifle. Why ‘Aggressive’ you ask? Well it is because of the unique perk that the Revoker has...


    The perk is called Reverse of Fortune and it states that if you miss a shot with the Revoker then that bullet will be returned to the magazine after a short duration.


    The only way to obtain the weapon is by completing the following steps:


    • Land 300 Final Blows on Guardians with a sniper rifle inside the Crucible playlist

    • Get 50 Precision kills or headshots with a sniper rifle inside the Crucible playlist 

    • Earn 3500 Glory points inside the Competitive Crucible playlist


    What do you get?

    • Revoker - one of the best Snipers in the game
    • High Glory (Competitive PvP) Rank
    • Post-match Crucible drops
    • The chance at getting high level exotics.
    • Crucible Faction XP to get even more loot from Lord Shaxx!

      This service is for an Account Recovery - where one of our e-Sport Professionals will play on your account for you in a fireteam with other highly skilled players in order to obtain one Revoker!


      Fast, efficient and stress-free!


      • We also offer tailored prices for individual quest-steps, or for those that have already advanced the quest-line but require assistance in completing it fully


      Please leave a note with your login and contact information so that we may arrange a suitable time for the service to take place.

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