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PvE Bundle - 100k Nightfall, Heroic Strikes & Bounties, Flashpoint

The Nightfall is a special version of the Strike mode, which rotates to a new Strike from the roster each week, adding considerably tougher versions enemies and a greater number of high-ranking foes.


Weekly Strikes are mid-end game activities where a fireteam three players undertake high-priority, extended missions for the Vanguard. They feature challenging modifiers that change every day!

Flashpoint Milestones are guarenteed way of earning high-level, weekly rewards for carrying out multiple activities on a new Planet Destination every week!



    This service is for an Account Recovery - where one of our e-Sport Professionals will play on your account for you in a fireteam with five other highly skilled players in order to complete the normal versions of the Nightfall, the weekly Vanguard Strikes and the weekly Flashpoint Milestone on one of your characters!


    Fast, efficient and stress-free!


    • You must be at least 500 Power on the character(s) that you would like the activity to be completed on. The closer to 540+ the better.


    Please check individual items for activity-specific requirements and rewards!


    Please leave a note with your login and contact information so that we may arrange a suitable time for the service to take place.

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