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When can I order?

We schedule all of our bookings directly with you and complete them at a mutually convenient time. We aim to contact you within 1 hour of order confirmation to discuss next-steps. If you place an order out of our service hours (midnight UK time) then it might take up to 12hrs to respond.

How long does it take?

It depends entirely on the service. Each activity has its own completion time: a Raid takes longer than a Trials Card, a Trials Card takes longer than a Nightfall.


For example, we advise on a 2-hour window for one Flawless Trials card - 90 mins for the activity and 30mins for login and access. 

What is "VIP" and why is it more expensive?

Purchasing a standard booking means your order will be completed at an agreed time when it is convenient for you and for us.


Selecting the VIP option means your order will be treated with VIP status, moved to the front of the queue, and completed in the next possible run for the activity you have chosen! No more waiting around!

Secure ordering & payment options

You can pay using our preferred method of PayPal, as well as Visa, Master Card, Maestro and Debit Card.

Returns & refunds

In the unlikely event that we cannot satisfy your order, then we will offer the option(s) of a full refund or a discount on a future service. We pride ourselves on our 100% success rate and customer satisfaction. Buying with us means buying with confidence!

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